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Walk Across England for Child Safety Awareness

Fundraiser: Walk Across England for Child Safety Awareness
Event Date: 09/09/2018 10:00:00 AM - 26/09/2018 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $1,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $2927.07 (AUD)
Walk Across England for Child Safety Awareness

Adam and Donna Tomlinson and their two kids Sydney, 9 years old and Isla, 7 years old, are walking across England in September 2018.

They will be using this great adventure to help raise money and awareness for child safety and protection.

The walk will take 18 days to complete. If you would like to pledge a dollar value per day to the fundraiser the Daniel Morcombe Foundation would really appreciate this.


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Michelle Higgs 26 October 2018 $50
Well done team, meritorious and herculean effort!
Dave & Val 23 October 2018 $20
Daisy Hill Campbells 20 October 2018 $100
Great work!
Rebecca & Jeremy 11 October 2018 $100
You guys are amazing! x
Pavel 3 October 2018 $20
Shell Campbell 2 October 2018 $190
I have loved hearing you hatch the idea, plan the trip, make it happen, let me be involved, following every day along the way, proudly & tearfully celebrating your journey & magnificent achievement & the beautiful gift of awareness & support you have given the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. I am so proud & cant wait to see & hug all of you ❤️
Jennifer Johnston 29 September 2018 $50
Donna and Adam you and your kids are amazing. What an effort. What a great cause. Very inspiring. Xx
Helen Stockwell 29 September 2018 $100
What an amazing inspiration to everyone! Always thinking of others and giving back. Congratulations on your walk across England.
Damien Bucholz 29 September 2018 $50
Gary and Dawn Batts 29 September 2018 $30
Congratulations to all of you. These memories you will share as a family forever.
Sharyn 29 September 2018 $50
Wonderful effort for a great cause!
The Shakespeare's 29 September 2018 $50
Congratulations Team Tomlinson!! You did it!! We have enjoyed watching your epic walk over the last few weeks. What a wonderful, memorable & inspirational achievement for you all.
Matt & Emily Rhodes 29 September 2018 $15
What a journey you have had. Well done guys! :)
Geoff and Annie 29 September 2018 $100
You did it!!! Well done Adam, Donna, Sydney, Isla, Jodie and Michael. What a great team effort from you all. We are so very proud of you right now for this huge achievement to Walk Across England in 19 days. Lots love from Adams mum and Geoff xoxoxo
Jen and Jake Dennes 29 September 2018 $30
Great work guys! It's been great watching all of your updates! Xx
Rob Tomlinson 28 September 2018 $50
Well done cross country champions
Tash Dawkins 28 September 2018 $20
What an inspirational family :-)
Jeffrey Osman 24 September 2018 $50
Lynne Rose 21 September 2018 $20
Enjoying watching your journey Adam, Donna, Sydney and Isla. Great cause, great experience, lots of memories made.
Gary and Dawn Batts 20 September 2018 $20
This donation is just for yesterday. We will make another donation at the end. It must have been a hard decision to take a lift but you would have risked the rest of your walk to keep going in that weather. I dare say you have made up the extra miles along the way when you took a wrong track here and there.
Kylie Mannix 17 September 2018 $100
Great cause guys. Enjoy the walk xxxx
Dale & Catherine Parkes 16 September 2018 $108
Hi Ads and Donna... You are all so inspirational, especially Sydney and Isla. You two girls are AMAZING!!! I can't believe how dedicated you are. A beautiful message for all parents on spending quality time with your young souls. I'm guessing there's not much logging into Facebook, posting on Instagram or being generally sucked into the black hole of devices. Stay safe guys.
Anonymous 16 September 2018 $20
Awesome job Tommos. Been loving tje updates, amazing countryside.
Sharyn Dent 15 September 2018 $25
What an inspiring family. Well done!
Lance Gibson 15 September 2018 $36
What a wonderful thing to do as a family. Hopefully you are all well
Lacey Mckenzie 15 September 2018 $10
Awesome effort guys! Have fun!
Anne Dunn 14 September 2018 $50
Well done, Adam, Donna, Sydney and Isla. A awesome effort for a great cause.
Anna Tomlinson 14 September 2018 $200
We are so proud of you guys. Top effort. Love you, stay safe. Love the Rosemount Tomos. xx
Paula, Curtis & archie 14 September 2018 $20
Fabulous effort! Sounds a great cause! Were so pleased you had the pleasure of meeting such a fab family in Scott and Laura x
Finella and Paul 13 September 2018 $50
I have great respect for the Morcombe family and am happy to donate to such a wonderful foundation. This adventure of yours is inspirational and such a joy to follow. Well done Team Tommo! Thank you for sharing the stunning scenery whilst we sit in our armchairs, warm and dry. Here's to sunshine and friendship. Finella and Paul
JSFK Russell 13 September 2018 $20
Inspirational, well done
Geoff & Chris Moore 13 September 2018 $100
Such a wonderful thing you are all doing & wishing you very safe travels in your walk across England. We all feel for the Morcombes & they are such an inspiration for all they have achieved from such tragic circumstances. Well done Adam & crew.
Sarah & Zane 13 September 2018 $25
Awesome cause, great effort guys!
McCray Family 12 September 2018 $28
You guys are amazing! Such a cool thing to do as a family and for such a good cause! God speed.
Kathy Teese 12 September 2018 $20
Great work !!!
Sara Grant 12 September 2018 $100
Adam, Donna, Sydney & Isla - you are so inspirational, we wish you all the best for your adventure walking across England and raising awareness for Child Safety in memory of Daniel Morcombe. Travel safely, From the Oasis crew - Matt, Phil & Sara
Lyndon and Lyndell Pfeffer 12 September 2018 $30
All the best on the walk. Good to see the video updates. Great cause.
Dave & Val 12 September 2018 $20
MichaelSandy & Jeff Spies 12 September 2018 $60
We are thinking of you for this big walk.
Liz cox 11 September 2018 $50
Good luck guys
Laura Sanderson 11 September 2018 $50
Loving the updates!! Great job everyone!! Love from the Sandersons of Moor Row
Peter and Rachael Sewel 11 September 2018 $50
Fantastic effort guys!! Massive congrats
Colleen Mckenzie 10 September 2018 $20
Great work guys
Lacey 10 September 2018 $10
Jan Wyatt 10 September 2018 $50
Awesome family effort!
Brendo Baz & Suzy 7 September 2018 $100
Kerrie Alterator 6 September 2018 $20
Inspirig what you are all doing! Wishing you a safe journey, while making many life long memories along the way x
doug jeffs Lyn Blundell 6 September 2018 $100
Wishing you all a successful trip.
Marc & Nicole Angel 4 September 2018 $50
Enjoy the walk :-)
Mel Shipway 2 September 2018 $20
Enjoy your amazing adventure!
Mike Rodgers 31 August 2018 $20
Hope everything goes smoothly and that you all have lots of great experiences along the way!
Tanya 31 August 2018 $20
Love your work, it will be an amazing adventure
Kirri 31 August 2018 $25
Have the best and safest trip! Wow what amazing memories you will make! Thank you for also doing it for Daniel and raising awareness around child safety x
Lisa Badran 30 August 2018 $15
Have loads of fun and enjoy! Good Luck!! X
Courtney Ford 29 August 2018 $50
Dirk and Danielle Humphrey 22 August 2018 $100
You guys are so inspirational! Sending lots of love and best wishes for the big trek! Here is a small donation to a wonderful and important cause. Good Luck! xxxx
Nicole Ross 12 August 2018 $20
Good luck! Have fun!
Adam Tomlinson 6 August 2018 $18
We are so happy to be contributing to such a wonderful cause. Thankyou to Bruce and Denise for your unrelenting courage and strength to fight on and help educate our children and make this world a better place despite your soul destroying loss. You are beautiful people and I wish your foundation every success both now and into the future. Kind regards, Adam, Donna, Sydney and Isla.
Lacey 5 March 2018 $2

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