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Peter Falconio Memorial

Fundraiser: Peter Falconio Memorial
Event Date: 12/02/2017 9:00:00 AM - 01/07/2017 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $250,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $7143.00 (AUD)
Peter Falconio Memorial


In July 2001, while on the trip of a lifetime to Outback Australia, Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees became the victims of a horrendous crime. There is no doubt that Peter lost his life that July evening on the Stuart Highway and yet his family and Joanne have never been able to bury him as his remains have never been found.

This campaign is to raise money for a permanent memorial for Peter which will celebrate his life and recognise his example encouraging people to explore and embrace the world and cultures around them.  It will be installed on the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory, as a reminder to all about "Keeping Travellers Safe".

The target amount is $250K. All proceeds will go towards the building of the memorial. The memorial will be designed by the renowned sculptor Ewen Coates creator of "Elevation of the Senses" which is installed at The Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

The memorial will be a statue of a falcon, free and flying, which perfectly represents the spirit of Peter Falconio.  Primarily, this proposed memorial will celebrate Peter's life. He was a good man and when people hear Peter's name Joanne would like them to think of him and be inspired to explore and embrace the world and the different cultures around them, just as he did. To celebrate the very best ideals of youth; to seek, explore and understand each other, just as Pete sought to do. To follow your dreams, just like Peter and Joanne were doing at the time of this tragedy

However, there are other things the memorial will help achieve.

  • To enable all Peter's family and friends and the wider community to visit the last place he was happy, and to reflect on his life.
  • To remind locals and travellers from all countries to be safe, look out for each other, take care and travel safe.
  • To urge the authorities and those who travel through the Tanami Desert not to give up looking for Peter or reporting any information to the police about the crime. With your help, one day, Peter will be taken home to the UK for burial.
  • To serve as a reminder to ensure vehicles are mechanically sound and reliable before heading off on long journeys and to always let someone know you are on the road or that you have made it home safely.
  • And, finally, to acknowledge the indigenous people of Barrow Creek who still feel tremendous sorrow that this crime occurred on their traditional land and to recognise the help of the Warlpiri people of the Tanami Desert, who continue to search their own sacred sites and areas for Pete's remains.

All donations and your kind support are gratefully appreciated.


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Anonymous 1 August 2017 $20
Emily Verrier 28 April 2017 $50
Such a strong young woman. I'm happy your finding joy in Australia again. Wishing you all the best with this project.
Jean Kirkwood 1 March 2017 $10
My heart aches immensely for Joanne, Peter and family. Joanne you are an incredibly courageous and inspirational person. I'm sorry I couldn't donate more today. I had an idea that somewhere on the memorial an area could be incorporated so all passer bys and backpackers could leave a token, such as a small kombi van, or a kind note. Just something to encourage people to spread awareness of the potential dangers in travelling and to allow others to express their support and love for Pete. I will endeavour to travel to see Petes memorial once it has been completed. Sending love xxx
Danny & Marie Watson 28 February 2017 $100
Jo. The memorial to celebrate Pete's life will be wonderful and we shall definitely visit one day. Your courage is inspirational and our thoughts are with you on this journey. May you find peace in your heart. With much love and support xx
Robynne & Garry Marzolo 27 February 2017 $200
We wish Joanne the very best in her search for Peter - we have a lot of young backpackers come and stay on our farm and we always warn them to be very careful on their travels in the outback. She is an inspiration of emotional strength and determination and we were touched by the 60 minutes program and her journey back to Australia to search for Peter and erect a memorial.
Carly 26 February 2017 $30
Miss you my old friend ❤ xxx
Joanne cash 25 February 2017 $50
Thoughts and prayers with you Joanne you are an inspiration x
diane marr 25 February 2017 $100
I watched the 60 minutes story and saw the pain of Joanne Lees how lonely it must be the pain she suffers so it was wonderful to see that she has found a sister they look almost like twins, Good luck Joanne with the sculpture such a wonderful idea Pete will never be forgotten,
Heather costello 25 February 2017 $10
Sorry it couldn't be more I can't imagine your devastation at not being able to lay your dear Peter to rest. God bless xx
Tania Rassias 22 February 2017 $20
My thoughts and prayers are with you Joanne, and all of Pete's family and loved ones.
Shane London 22 February 2017 $100
Hoping for a successful conclusion to your search.
Brett & Deb Wadsworth 22 February 2017 $100
We think of you both often. The sculpture will be a fantastic tribute to Pete and we hope to visit one day. We're really chuffed for you to have found your sister Joanne. All the best to you for a bright & happy future xx
Anonymous 21 February 2017 $30
Dear Joanne My partner and I love to travel and we are still so deeply saddened that you and Peter had such a horrific experience right here in our beautiful country. Sure hope you reach your target and we can't wait to visit Peter's memorial and to enjoy all that it represents. You are an amazing women, stay strong.
Lee Anne 20 February 2017 $10
Anonymous 19 February 2017 $50
Dear Joanne Yours is a story of love, sadness and courage. You are a very brave lady and I wish the best for you and your family. I hope you find your lovely Pete and are able to take him home. Through all this sadness it was so wonderful to hear you found your lovely sister.... so heart warming to see the bond between you. My love and best wishes to you.
Patricia Garousse 18 February 2017 $50
I hope you find Peter and can take him home - never give up
Megan Grant 17 February 2017 $50
For Peter and Joanne
Julia Aguilar 17 February 2017 $50
Mrs McNaughton 17 February 2017 $50
Lynne Low 16 February 2017 $100
You are an amazing woman Joanne. It is shameful that such a thing could happen here to anyone, let alone a tourist in our Country. We are so sorry and wish you only the best for your future. Bless you.
Matthew C Cichon 16 February 2017 $100
Lee Blanch 16 February 2017 $50
I was very touched by the bravery of Joanne Lees returning to Australia to try and find Peter's body. Having travelled in that area I know it's a mammoth task. I would like to make a donation to Peter's memorial.
Imelda Kay 16 February 2017 $15
From one bereaved parent to another. x
Fiona Jones 15 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 15 February 2017 $150
Joanne, I can only support the comments and congratulatory messages from others who are donating to your project, and offer my support and congratulations as well. I have lived a short time in the NT and visited at least 40 times over the past 35 years. I hope the NT government and residents will recognise the benefits of actively supporting your project, including financially or in kind. It has the great artistic concept of the particular memorial to Peter and the disaster that occurred for him, and you. As I recall it also commends the adventurous traveller and the wonderful experience of travelling in the NT. And, it points out the reality of the need to be aware of possible fatal hazards in remote areas, whether from the physical environment or a dangerous individual. Noel
Gaye Mullane 15 February 2017 $100
I'm so sorry that this happened to you and Pete. I hope you can have some peace and joy in your life despite what this evil man has done to you and the Falconio family.
Kathleen Hunter 15 February 2017 $50
Gone but never forgotten
Helen Scard 15 February 2017 $108
Peace & Wellbeing to you Joanne and the Falconio Family.
Peter Mielke 15 February 2017 $100
Joanne, I have travelled a lot in the world with my partner and can appreciate the great feeling of exploring new surroundings - to have those feelings destroyed in the way they were for you both was very sad, I shared your pain then and now.
Liz Forsyth 15 February 2017 $20
I'm sorry this happened to you and Pete. You're an amazing woman. Go gently x
Aaron phillips 15 February 2017 $20
Michelle Rowlands 15 February 2017 $100
From one Yorkshire lass to another wishing you peace and healing
Penny 15 February 2017 $50
Hi Joanne, As was Lindy, you were a victim of mean spirited individuals who haven't lived enough to know that truth really can be stranger than fiction. I apologise on behalf of them for how you were treated by those un-Australians. Grief is a lonely place - so glad light is coming back into your life; you are brave and inspirational and a little piece of Pete's spirit lives in you. The falcon is a wonderful tribute!
Robyn Palladij 14 February 2017 $20
Blair 14 February 2017 $25
Ngarei Gow 14 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 14 February 2017 $100
I hope this project helps fill the gaping hole left in your life after losing your best friend. Adrenalin takes care of the ordeal but nothing replaces the feel of the arm around you.
Jodie Wagner 14 February 2017 $50
Luisa Duregon 14 February 2017 $100
Victoria Nock 14 February 2017 $25
Never give up
Noraini Roles 14 February 2017 $200
Dear Joanne, having watched your latest interview with 60 min, a few thing spring to mind. You were indeed treated dreadful by the media and police during that horrible time in your life. For that, I am sorry! You are an incredibly gracious woman and one that others should look to for an example of graciousness. To the horrible pig that tragically changed your life, I am sorry our tax is keeping him alive. I hope this donation assists with your plight to build your beautiful memorial to Peter and I having travelled 90% of our country, I hope to one day pay my respects to you and Peter and pause to consider your ordeal. I pray for Peter to be given the proper closure he obviously deserves. Best wishes.
Graham & Adelaide Dunn 14 February 2017 $20
Christine 14 February 2017 $25
Good luck with your search.
Corrine McMillan 14 February 2017 $100
Hi Jo, Love your cousin Corrine
Nicole Huysse 14 February 2017 $50
Anonymous 14 February 2017 $100
Sophia 13 February 2017 $50
Dear Joanne - I am from the UK and was a backpacker in Australia many years ago before settling here. Your story stayed with me 15 years ago & still resonates with me today. The memorial is an excellent idea. You are amazing. I gladly give this donation & hope it helps in some small way so that Peter can finally come home.
Jill McKay 13 February 2017 $50
I wish you all the luck in the world Joanne, you are an amazing woman.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $50
Alice 13 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $10
All the best. My thought is with you.
Vicki Cook 13 February 2017 $20
Hoping you reach this target and it brings you some closure xx
Jenny klause 13 February 2017 $100
Wishing you courage Joanne in your pursuit of fairness/ resolution.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $50
I am not surprised that the Morcombes are supporting this, honourable people. My son was murdered when he was 27 near to Peter's age, I know how very very important it is to have a memorial to a young and happy life, taken so suddenly and cruelly. All the best with the fundraising.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $20
I am so proud of you Jo, blessings, love and light to you always.....xx
Jill Miller 13 February 2017 $100
Dear Joanne A small contribution to your beautiful memorial for Peter which will also remind everyone who passes of your incredible courage and bravery. With love and support. Jill
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $10
Dear Joanne, May your love & tenacious spirit and the skills of our Indigenous people help to find Peter. My thoughts are with you and Peter's family.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $100
Such a tragedy, my heart goes out to Joanne and Pete's family. Joanne is a very inspirational women - this shows true love is endless... and i hope she finds him and can bring him home where he belongs.
Wendy 13 February 2017 $50
Joanne is an inspiration. I truly hope Peter will be found and can finally rest in peace.
Robyn Turner 13 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $50
Joanne, may you find the peace in your heart you so deserve, and may the memory of a good man live on. Love and blessings to you.
Marion 13 February 2017 $20
Love to you Joanne!
Kat 13 February 2017 $20
Suzanne Allain 13 February 2017 $5
Joanne, I'm so sorry this crime happened to you in Australia. But I think you are incredibly brave, strong and resourceful. You are truly inspiring.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $30
As someone who loves to travel and has had many great experiences at home in Australia and around the world, it breaks my heart that this happened on my own doorstep.
Peter Griffiths 13 February 2017 $50
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $50
M.McNamara 13 February 2017 $10
I truly hope you will find him one day and can lay him to rest peacefully. My heart goes out to you and his family.
Janine Seidel 13 February 2017 $100
After watching you on 60 Minutes Joanne I felt I had to donate to this cause. You are an inspiration to all. I hope and pray that Peter will be found one day, and you can take him home to give him the burial he is entitled to and the closure you and his family deserve.
Rose Luppino 13 February 2017 $10
My heart goes out to you!
Keith Williams 13 February 2017 $30
I wish I could donate more. I have been a UK visitor to Australia many times - I am now an Aussie living in Brisbane. It could have happened to any of us. Good luck.
Caroline 13 February 2017 $20
I wish you good luck in your surcharge.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $10
Kathryn 13 February 2017 $150
Julia Ford 13 February 2017 $50
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $10
Kylie Owen 13 February 2017 $10
Judith Gray 13 February 2017 $30
Since reading your book Joanne, you and Peter are often in my thoughts. The dreadful things that happened to you both have changed how I think about and plan things I do. You were both on my mind on our recent trip visiting NT for the first time. I think the memorial is a touching tribute to Peter and a reminder for everyone to never forget.
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $20
Dear Joanne, I have always believed in you and it is my great pleasure to help you in your quest as seen on 60 minutes tonight. Much Love, Barbara ... xox
Anonymous 13 February 2017 $10
G. James 13 February 2017 $25
Thoughts and prayers to you Joanne, you are one brave, strong and caring lady. Glad I have the opportunity to help in some small way.
Linda Mason 12 February 2017 $100
Amanda Viljoen 12 February 2017 $5
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $10
Garry 12 February 2017 $10
Joanne Lees is truly inspirational and I have the greatest admiration for the wonderful indigenous people and their efforts in trying to find Peter Falconio. I hope the dog Bradley Murdoch is suffering in prison. I would donate much more if I had the means to do so. I wonder how much Ahmed Fahour will donate from his obscene Australia Post salary?
Colleen 12 February 2017 $50
I hope this helps to go towards finding some sort of closure in finding Pete. I feel for you. You are one courageous girl. Stay strong!
Garry TUFFIN 12 February 2017 $20
Ms Lees...I am very sorry and embarrassed that this terrible thing happened to you and Peter in our beautiful country. I hope you find Peter and take him home.
Charleyne michael 12 February 2017 $25
Dear Joanne I am so glad that Australia is making you smile again. So very sad for your loss and i hope this small gesture shows how much we care and hope Peter eventually finds the rest he deserves. Regards Charleyne and Family
Julie Ryan 12 February 2017 $50
My thoughts are with Joanne and the Falconio family. It will be a fitting tribute to Peter.
Michelle Hurn 12 February 2017 $10
I pray that you and Peter will find peace. Your courage and resilience is inspiring, as is this beautiful memorial. Thank you for your generousity in sharing your journey Joanne.
Glenda 12 February 2017 $10
John & Sharon Locke 12 February 2017 $20
Originally from the UK, now live in the NT and will visit the memorial once it has been placed at the site.
Fiona 12 February 2017 $50
I hope you find Peter, for his family, for Joanne and for Peter himself. He deserves to be put to rest where his loved ones can take comfort in knowing his final resting place.
Belinda Donald 12 February 2017 $20
Joanne, I hope you find him and can lay him to rest. I think the falcon is a lovely idea.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $50
Joanne is an amazingly strong, courageous and inspiring woman. I hope the memorial for Peter can contribute to help Joanne and Peter's family heal from their trauma and grief, and for our community to honour Peter.
Vanessa Orr 12 February 2017 $30
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $20
Such a emotional journey you have been on my thoughts are with you. Hope you find Pete soon so you can take him home.
Christine Greentree 12 February 2017 $25
So Sad for you Joanne as well as Peter's family. Lets hope he is found and you all have closure
Judy Potts 12 February 2017 $10
I hope this brings some peace.
Catherine Tarr 12 February 2017 $20
Tricia Taylor 12 February 2017 $100
You are an amazing woman. Good luck and hope the target is met and surpassed..
Vanessa Cross 12 February 2017 $10
Praying that God helps you find Pete.
Janelle, Will, Liam & Mia Gleeson 12 February 2017 $20
Your continued bravery is an inspiration Joanne and your determination to find Peter and bring him home should be supported by all Australians. We stand by you and your continuing search for Peter. We hope you and his family have closure and peace one day x
Peter Campbell 12 February 2017 $50
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $30
Kara Wyvill 12 February 2017 $20
Sam 12 February 2017 $10
I wish i could give move as i cannot imagine what you have been through, i truly hope you find Pete and that his soul can rest peacefully
Liz Kerwick 12 February 2017 $10
best wishes to you
Clare 12 February 2017 $25
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $10
With my love and prayers.x
Kristen Hunter 12 February 2017 $20
Hoping that Pete is found and you can take him home Joanne. It has been a long journey for you and his family!
Leonie Kelly 12 February 2017 $100
Thank you for sharing your story, Joanne. I am so sorry your adventure in our country brought you such sadness. I hope you find Peter.
12 February 2017 $20
Best wishes to all.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $10
I pray and wish you every success in finding Peter's body. You're are a remarkable woman, keep fighting for what you believe in and do what you feel is right in your heart. We are all behind you 100% your story is so unique and so touching. May god bless you and guide on your journey to bring Peter home.
Michelle 12 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $100
Joanne, I hope you find closure and can take Peter home. Memorial is a lovely idea and I'll be sure to visit and pay my respects one day. God bless and I'm thrilled you found your sister. Nicole xx
Cindy Growden 12 February 2017 $10
Sophie Bourchier 12 February 2017 $20
For Joanne and Pete x
karly and sam 12 February 2017 $30
Colin Kentish 12 February 2017 $100
You are such an inspiration Joanne!
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $20
All the best Joanne
Anne Robertson 12 February 2017 $35
Thank you for sharing your courage Joanne.
Dianne Beggs 12 February 2017 $25
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $20
I was actually shocked and saddened when I realised he did not have a memorial. Saddened because if he were Australian, there would have been a memorial raised years ago... sadly disrespectful of us! As an ex backpacker I look forward to stopping at the falcon one day and paying my respects to the fellow traveller that never made it home xo
The Hogan's 12 February 2017 $50
You are an inspiration Joanne and thank you for giving voice to Peter. Australia bring Peter home.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $25
Claire 12 February 2017 $20
Georgie Smith 12 February 2017 $50
Dearest Joanne, sending you much love and light, Your an inspiration
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $100
Tim & Carly 12 February 2017 $50
Janine Green 12 February 2017 $50
l will visit the Falcon. X
Marcus Sommerville 12 February 2017 $50
Great idea and tribute to Peter
Cynthia Cameron 12 February 2017 $25
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $100
Stephen Wark 12 February 2017 $50
May you find peace...
Rebecca B 12 February 2017 $10
I wish there was more I could do to help find Pete, but the least I can do is donate the little money I have to help to remember him. Joanne you are an incredible woman - I hope you find your peace and happiness xx
Colleen Wilson 12 February 2017 $20
Good Luck Joanne!
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $10
Thank you for sharing your story. Your strength is inspirational.
Simon Jones 12 February 2017 $50
Joanne, I hope this memorial helps heal your trauma. Best wishes.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $50
Keep the search going
Kerrie Barratt 12 February 2017 $20
Jacquie Anton 12 February 2017 $50
Your strength is inspirational Joanne.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $100
Narelle Smith 12 February 2017 $20
Kathryn Vassallo 12 February 2017 $20
Best of luck in your search Joanne for your Peter. I wish you and your loved ones peace and happiness.
Triona Kennedy 12 February 2017 $25
You look wonderful Joanne. So happy to see you happy. Very best of luck with the search for Pete.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $50
Tony Mcdonald 12 February 2017 $30
Marina 12 February 2017 $10
Sue keating 12 February 2017 $50
Annika Brinsley 12 February 2017 $20
We hope you find Peter x
Jonathan Leslie 12 February 2017 $10
Tina Gale 12 February 2017 $20
I admire Joanne sincerely.
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $20
For Peter and Joanne
Annemarie 12 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $50
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $10
Rosemary O'Neill 12 February 2017 $100
For Jo and Pete. our love is with you, Jo.
Kieran Emms 12 February 2017 $20
Anonymous 12 February 2017 $20
Ryan Daykin 12 February 2017 $25
Peter Jenner 11 February 2017 $20
All the best Joanne.
Margot Lavelle 11 February 2017 $25
Strength and appreciation to you, Joanne for this kind and wise idea. Best wishes.
Anonymous 11 February 2017 $50
Tracey McAsey 9 February 2017 $20

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