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Talking personal safety

It is the responsibility of adults to keep children safe, this includes helping them develop personal safety skills. It is not about scaring or frightening children but increasing communication and learning new skills.
Our job as safe adults is to listen, believe and support.
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There are about 38 000 missing person reports made to police every year in Australia. Young people between the ages of 13 -17 are the most likely group to be reported missing, making up about 50% of all missing person reports. Children between the ages of 0 - 12 are one of the least likely groups to be reported missing and only make up about 8% of all reports. Download Fact Sheet

Travel safe

Travelling to school or other familiar places by themselves is an opportunity for children to develop confidence and new skills. Many children start travelling independently in primary school. Parents and carers can help their children make the move to independent travel by using a few simple safety tips. Download Fact Sheet

I am concerned about a child

If you have concerns about a child's safety it can be difficult to know what to do. Most children and young people live in safe and supportive environments however some will sadly experience child abuse. This may be physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect or exposure to family violence. Download Fact Sheet

Signs of child abuse

Child abuse is one of the most under reported crimes in our community. A recent survey conducted by Act for Kids found that a quarter of adults did not know the signs of child abuse and neglect and would need to google how to report suspected abuse. Download Fact Sheet

Child sexual abuse

Sexual abuse of children is against the law.

Child sexual abuse is when an adult, another child or adolescent uses their power to involve a child in sexual activity. Sexual activity includes sexual intercourse and a range of sexual behaviours that can be physical, verbal or emotional. Download Fact Sheet

Day for Daniel

Frequently asked questions
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Day for Daniel

The Day for Daniel, a National
Day of Action raising
awareness of Child Safety,
Protection & Prevention

Missing Persons

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