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What is Day for Daniel? Information for parents and educators

Thank you for deciding to host a Day for Daniel event or activity (or considering the idea). You will be joining over 1 million people across Australia to Wear Red, Educate and Donate and promote child safety initiatives and activities.

Download Official Poster

Download the Day for Daniel Poster here

Steps involved in organising a Day for Daniel Event or Activity

The first thing you have to do is register.  You will then be sent a FREE Day for Daniel 'Keeping Kids Safe' Resource Kit.  You, as the contact person, may or may not be the Coordinator of the event/activity.  So at this stage it is important that a Coordinator is appointed and provided with the information.  Either use one of our suggested events/activities or create your own!  Make sure your local community is as excited and enthusiastic about the event as you are and be sure to get them involved.  Produce your event plan and program then start promoting your event.  Most importantly when the Day comes,  'Wear Red, Educate and Donate' and hold an engaging event.  After the event/activity be sure to thank everyone involved.
Steps involved are as follows:

  1. Register your involvement in Day for Daniel on the Daniel Morcombe Foundation website
  2. Receive and read your FREE Day for Daniel Resource Kit.
  3. Nominate a Day for Daniel Coordinator or Manager and if required put together an organising team.
  4. Select or create an event or activity.
  5. Select a venue for the event eg classroom, sports field, lunchroom etc.
  6. Select a time for the event or activity.  All activities and events should be planned to be held on Day for Daniel.
  7. Gain support from the community.
  8. Prepare a Program, Plan and Budget.
  9. Promote your Day for Daniel Event/Activity.
  10. Deliver your Day for Daniel Event/Activity.
  11. Evaluation & Thank You.

Day for Daniel Event/Activity Ideas

The Day for Daniel is a gathering of people for a common cause to wear red and educate people on child safety and harm prevention and donate. Some examples of event ideas and activities are as follows;

THEME:  Wear Red, Educate and Donate


Get your school involved to Teach Children to Recognise, React and Report.

Play Keeping Kids Safe DVD - Available here

  • Our child safety DVD is aimed at 5-15 year olds.
  • See safety messages spoken by personalities including Agro and the Irwin family.

Conduct an activity from the worksheets provided in starter pack.
Invite a local Police Officer to talk to students.

  • Internet Safety is a good topic plus Being Safe and Your Right to Always  Feel  Safe.

Log on to  website for

  • 8 levels of personal safety messages and strategies each with interactive games.

Log on to

  • Select the appropriate schooling level for cybersafety classroom resources.

Hold an Awareness Event in Your Local Community

Host a Walk, Ride, Bake-Off,  or other Community Awareness Event and

  • Wear something red and include child safety messages for children and parents.
  • Promote our free safety resources.
  • Invite local representatives, sporting stars and media.

At your Workplace

  • Dress up your  shop or office.
  • Play DVD to your work colleagues and/or customers.
  • Host a morning tea.
  • Promote child safety awareness to clients customers and colleagues.
  • Discuss child safety initiatives including "recognise, react, report".

OR Create your own event/activity!


Merchandise may be purchased by clicking on the "Shop Online" tab and further assistance may be obtained by downloading the Event Guidelines from the links below.  

Activity Sheets

Visit Keeping Kids Safe - Educational Resources   

Event Guidelines

Walk for Daniel Guidelines Day for Daniel Guidelines


Day for Daniel

The Day for Daniel, a National
Day of Action raising
awareness of Child Safety,
Protection & Prevention

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