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Releasing personal safety booklet for Grandparent families

Posted on 21 August 2018
Releasing personal safety booklet for Grandparent families
To celebrate Seniors Week 2018 the Daniel Morcombe Foundation is launching a new resource for Grandparent Families on the Sunshine Coast.  When children and young people cannot live at home with their parents, Grandparents are the ones who often step in.  Grandparent carers are the largest group of kinship carers in Australia and their numbers are growing.

"Feeling safe and being safe is an activity booklet that has been developed specifically for Grandparent families." says Holly Brennan, CEO of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. "It will help Grandparents have conversations about personal safety with their grandchildren. As new Grandparents themselves Bruce and Denise know how much keeping kids safe means to all Grandparents."

Media are invited to attend the launch at Lake Kawana Community Centre at 10.30am on Tuesday 21st August.

For children and young people who have been through trauma, neglect or abuse, their experiences of relationships and being safe may not have been positive.  Personal safety education helps to prevent child sexual abuse and supports the development of healthy relationships free from violence and harm.  Children who receive personal safety education are more likely to develop skills that will promote health and safety into adulthood.

Grandparents can use the booklet at home with their grandchild to teach topics such as:

Understanding what safety is

  • Relationships and trust
  • Identifying feelings
  • Naming the public and private parts of the body
  • How Recognise, React and Report unsafe situations

For more information Tracey McAsey 07 5442 3678 or

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