28th of october


28 Days

Watch video clips from our Keeping Kids Safe DVD

Preschool Children 1.1  You have the Right
Prep to Year 2 2.1  Why Obeying the Rules is Important
  2.2  Create A Family Password
Year 3 to Year 6 3.1  Safety Strategies
  3.2  Getting Lost at the Shopping Centre
  3.3  Safe Internet Use
Year 7 to Year 9 4.1  Strategies to Keep Safe
  4.2  Staying Safe on the Internet
  4.3 Safe Mobile Phone Use 



Jay Sanders has written a beautifully illustrated book entitled "Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept" which encourages children to speak up and not keep secrets if someone is hurting them or making them feel unhappy.






Safety Smart




DVD Preview

Computer Game

How can I Help?

Being Safety Smart
Computer Game

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