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Ultra Marathon for Daniel

Billy Tindall will run from Melbourne and finishing on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. The run will cover approximatley 1800km and I will be running on average 60km per day commencing on September 25, 2017 aiming to raise $100,000 for child safety education and to support child victims of crime.

Start Time:   09:00
Start Date:   28/07/2016
End Time:   17:00
End Date:   31/10/2017
Target:   $ 100,000.00 AUD

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Team DMF - Sunshine Coast Marathon

Start Time:   09:00
Start Date:   01/03/2017
End Time:   17:00
End Date:   30/09/2017
Target:   $ 3,000.00 AUD

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Day for Daniel 2017

'Day for Daniel' is a National Day of Action to raise awareness about child safety and protection. Parents, carers and guardians are asked to start a conversation about personal safety in the real world and in an online environment. Wear Red, Educate and Donate is the theme of 'Day for Daniel' as we strive to have schools, kindergartens, busin...

Start Time:   06:00
Start Date:   27/10/2017
End Time:   23:00
End Date:   27/10/2017
Target:   $ 500,000.00 AUD

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El Camino de Santiago

In June 2017 Franco Renda completed the Spanish Pilgrims walk called 'El Camino de Santiago'  "We walked 5-6hrs per day depending on the terrain. We intend to do 20 25kms per day to reach each planned point in the Navarra Region. From St Jean Pied in France over the Pyrenees onto Pamplona, Puente La Reina, Los Arcos  and Viana and the...

Start Time:   09:00
Start Date:   03/06/2017
End Time:   09:00
End Date:   30/07/2017
Target:   $ 5,000.00 AUD

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South West Mudfest

On July 1st, Police Officers from the South West District in Western Australia  ran a 12km wet, muddy and cold obstacle coarse to raise money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

This is the second year officers have participated, raising $2000.00 last year. Well done everyone! 

Start Time:   09:00
Start Date:   01/07/2017
End Time:   17:00
End Date:   31/07/2017
Target:   $ 5,000.00 AUD

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Lindalous Sunrise Walks

I walk my lake at sunrise to take photographs as often as I can. This year I am dedicating my sunrise photography walks to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. I am donating $1.00 per kilometre I walk up until October 28 2017. I am sharing my sunrise photos on my Facebook page @photosbyLindaLouise. Hopefully others will jump on board and sponsor me.

Start Time:   09:00
Start Date:   20/07/2017
End Time:   17:00
End Date:   30/11/2017
Target:   $ 500.00 AUD

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Day for Daniel

The Day for Daniel, a National
Day of Action raising
awareness of Child Safety,
Protection & Prevention

Missing Persons

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