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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Foundation

Q What does the Daniel Morcombe Foundation do?
A Our main objectives are to educate and empower children about personal safety and providing free educational safety resources. Supporting young victims of crime, remembering Daniel and support families of missing people particuarly where that involves children.   

Q Why is child safety education so important?
A Statistics shows that 1 in 5 Australian children will be sexually assaulted in some way before their 18th birthday. This is a frightening high statistic and victims of sexual assult and violence may suffer physical or mental health problems, eating disorders, substance abuse, suicidal behaviour, aggression, violence or criminal behaviour, it may lead to homelessness, isolation or prevent the victim from develop healthy relationships in the future. "Crimes agains children has no place in modern Australia" - Bruce & Denise Morcombe. 

Keeping Kids Safe Resource Kit

Q How can I order a copy of the child safety DVD? I am only a parent not a school or community group.
A Please click here and enter "PARENT" where it specifies "School or Community Group". There is no charge for the Keeping Kids Safe Resource Kit.

Day for Daniel & Events

Q Why does my school / business / event need to register for Day for Daniel?
A We send a starterpack for each registration. The starterpack contains DVD's with safety videos, activities, a few items to help decorate your school or workplace in red. We also send out a certificate of appreciation for you to display showing your participation in Day for Daniel. Your registration will be automatically renewed if you have registered in the past. 

Q How do I register for Day for Daniel?
A Follow the links under the 'Day for Daniel' tab on our website.

Q I want to organise an event, what do I do?
A Information on how to organise an event is available under the 'Day for Daniel' menu tab. 

Q Does the Daniel Morcombe Foundation release balloons at events?
A No, we do not release balloons at events and we do not endorse releasing of balloons. For environmental reasons, all balloons with the Daniel Morcombe logo are made from bio degradable latex to minimise impact on our precious environment. Latex balloons will degrade at the same rate as an oak leaf. If you see our baloons getting a white 'cloudy' look it means that the degrading process has started. 

Q I have raised funds for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, where do I deposit the money?
A Thank you so much for your support help in keeping kids safe. Click the link here for donation details. 

Q If our school has registered for Day for Daniel does that mean Bruce and Denise will be attending?
A No, if you want to request a school safety presentation ask your School Principal to email  

Support and donations

Q How can I help?
A Our motto is 'Wear Red and Educate'. Play our Safety DVD's, help children complete our safety activities and teach children how to 'Recognise, React and Report', click this link for educational safety resourses or to order our 'Keeping Kids Safe' Resource Kit. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation relies on private donations from the public in order to operate and provide free safety resources and supporitng victims of crime. Click here to make a tax deductible donation.  

Where does the money donated go to?
A Donations go towards providing free safety resources and supporting young victims of crime.

Q How do I make a donation?
A Thank you for your support, please click this link for more information. 

School visits

Q How do I get Bruce & Denise to do a safety talk at my school?
2017 is currently fully booked, to go on a waiting list for a school safety presentation ask your School Principal to email

Concerns about a child

Q I have concerns for the safety and wellbeing of a child/children, who do I talk to?
A If you believe that someone is in imidiate danger, always call 000. Click here for a list of support services available in your state. 

Bus Services

Q My child was dropped off before his/her bus stop.
A Write a formal letter to the bus depot or Transport Minister in your State. 

Q My child had no money and wasn't allowed on the bus.
A Write a formal letter to the bus depot or Transport Minister in your State.

Phone Apps

Q Does the App work if I don't have credit on the phone or tablet device?
A No, sufficient credit is required for the app to work

Q Does the app work overseas?
A Yes if the phone is in mobile phone range and has credit. Contacts may require International phone code. Australias international phone code is +61.


Day for Daniel

The Day for Daniel, a National
Day of Action raising
awareness of Child Safety,
Protection & Prevention

Missing Persons

The Daniel Morcombe Rose

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